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April 21, 2016

St. Louis EyeCare Began in 1951: Celebrating 65 Years

Dr. Jim St. Louis started an Optometry practice on Dixie Highway in Waterford, which was Drayton Plains back in 1951.  He was one of the many GI’s who went to school on the GI bill after World War II.  In his practice, Dr. Jim established a tradition of care and compassion for patients and considered his patients to be his friends and treated them in that fashion.

Fast forward to 1976 when Dr. Richard St. Louis joined his father in Optometric practice. He witnessed his father’s style of caring for his patients and decided those traits were worth emulating.  Even many years later, he continues to treat some of his father’s patients in his own practice.  He says, “I still see a few of those folks who saw my dad back in 1951, and that is a real treat for me.”

Keeping with the family tradition and advancing Optometry to the next generation, Dr. Anne St. Louis joined her father’s practice in 2013.  Like her father, Dr. Anne practices beside her father and continues the tradition of treating patients as family.  As all fathers, Dr. Richard St. Louis is proud of Dr. Anne, and says, “I am most confident she will continue on the same path that my father began, by continuing to provide our patients the finest care possible,” he says.

Dr. Anne brings into the practice a knowledge of public health issues that can impact eye health. She is committed to the mission of helping patients achieve the best possible vision.

If you were a patient of Dr. Jim St. Louis, drop us a note with your memories of your visits with him. We’d love to share them, and will cherish them.


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