Contact Lenses

Making sure your contact lenses are the right type, brand and style to fit your vision needs is the goal at St. Louis EyeCare.  Fitting your contact lenses properly starts with an eye exam where your vision correction is determined.  During the exam, your doctor will determine which size, type and brand of contact lenses will should work best for your vision needs. You may be fitted with a trial set of lens; we have a large inventory of trial contact lenses to choose from.

Many types and brands of contact lenses are available in our Waterford office. We maintain a large inventory of contact lenses you can purchase during your visit. When you need replacements, simply email or call our office at 248-673-7601. You will be contacted when they are ready for pick up.

Soft Contact Lenses:

contact lens

Soft Contact Lens

Most people enjoy soft lenses, and they are the most frequently prescribed lenses by eye doctors. These come in standard Spherical, Toric (for astigmatism corrections), Bifocal lenses, and many colors.

Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lenses (RGPs):

These hard contact lenses are not like those of the past, but a state-of-the-art contact lens that is rigid. The materials and fitting concepts used today are significantly advanced over the old, non-gas permeable lens materials.  These contact lenses are often used by long time contact lens wearers or patients with corneal irregularities that cannot see clearly with soft contact lenses.

Hybrid Contact Lenses:

These are contact lenses that have a rigid lens center and a soft lens skirt around the center.  They are especially useful for those patients with irregular corneal curvatures, high power corrections, or high amounts of astigmatism.  They also come in a highly successful bifocal lens design.

This contact lens design is used because it so successfully covers the cornea, masking anomalies, and giving excellent, stable clarity of vision.  The large skirted soft lense is comfortable to wear.

Reordering Contact Lenses:

Need to reorder contact lenses?  Send an e-mail or call us at 248-673-7601.  We will contact you when the contact lenses are ready to be picked up.

Please note: FDA regulations state that contact lens prescriptions are only valid for one year.  If it’s time for an exam, call us at 248-673-7601 or e-mail us to request an appointment.

If you have run out of contact lenses, you will need to schedule an appointment and we will provide enough lenses until your appointment, one time.

Contact Lenses We Prescribe:

Contact Lens Solutions We Recommend:

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