Examination Types

At St. Louis EyeCare, we treat children, teens, adults and seniors. Depending on where you are in life, or the health of your eye, the type of eye exam you choose may be different.

Healthy General Eye Examinations:

During a healthy eye exam, we look for any type of vision correction that might require eye glasses or contact lenses.  We also look for eye disease and sometimes identify other medical conditions through a general eye exam.

If you are having difficulty seeing or reading far away or close up, this is the exam you should schedule with one of our eye doctors.eyeexam2

Eye Exams for Children – Pediatric Eye Care

When determining if your child has a vision problem, keep in mind that kids don’t know if they are seeing correctly because they have nothing to compare their vision to.  If your child complains about not seeing the board at school, or struggles with reading, it might be their vision. Or, if the child’s parents wear glasses or contact lenses, has a ‘lazy eye’ it is very possible the child will too.

At St. Louis EyeCare in Waterford, a full eye exam can be done on children as young as four-years-old. A screening evaluation can be performed on infants as young as six-weeks-old.  Our doctors enjoy treating children, and will do their best to make your child’s visit a positive experience.

Senior Vision Care

As we age, our vision needs change too.  It’s important that your vision be the best it can be.  For those with glaucoma or following cataract surgery we can create a new prescription for your eyeglasses.eyeexam1

Medical Eye Examinations: 

When a patient is diagnosed with cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetes, has experienced a loss of vision, or has pain, flashes or floaters, a medical eye exam is required. During this eye exam, the patient will receive more advanced testing than the general eye exam.  The same is true for patients who have used steroids or other anti-inflammatory medications for a period of time.  This includes chemotherapy agents.

These medical conditions are usually covered by health insurance, not vision insurance.

Emergency Eye Care:

Any injury to the eye, eye infections, loss of vision, or eye pain, are conditions that require immediate care – do not wait.  If you experience loss of vision the problem is serious. It could be a vascular blockage or a retinal detachment, the sooner you are treated, the better chance you have of visual recovery.

We see patients with an eye emergency the day you call, regardless of how busy we may be.  But, we ask you don’t wait until Friday afternoon, or 4:45 p.m., to call us for a problem you have had for the last few days.  When emergency eye care is needed St. Louis EyeCare in Waterford is where to go for care.