Imagine being able to wake up without reaching for your glasses, or playing contact sports without concern of losing a contact lens.  For over 1,000 of our patients, Laser Refractive Surgery- LASIK or PRK (Photo Refractive Keratectomy) has changed not only changed vision but changed patient’s lives. LASIK and PRK continue to be extremely safe and successful procedures.

Dr. Richard St. Louis trusted Anthony Sensoli, M.D., an ophthalmologic surgeon, with TLC Laser Eye Centers, for his own LASIK surgery and his two sons more than 15 years ago.  Since that time, Dr. St. Louis and Dr. Sensoli have worked together to offer vision enhancement procedures to patients.


Laser Refractive Surgery

At least once a year, Dr. St. Louis hosts a day where his patients take over Dr. Sensoli’s office at TLC Laser Eye Centers.  Through this special relationship, both doctors are able to reduce the cost of LASIK surgery to the patient.

Not sure if you are ready? Come in to discuss your options, we’ll will educate you about the procedures and options that best fits your needs.  If you have a very high power prescription there are surgical alternatives for you as well, come see us to discuss those alternatives.

What is LASIK?

LASIK corrects far-sightedness, near-sightedness and astigmatism.  For those who have lost the ability to see at reading distance monovision treatment is recommended.  Monovision means one eye is corrected for distance vision and the other for reading or computer distance.

Monovision may not be for everyone, but Dr. St. Louis chose it for his own vision.  More than 300 of our patients have had LASIK surgery and chosen monovision.  If monovision turns out not be be the best alternative, the reading eye can be retreated to make it equal with the other eye, at no additional cost.  To date, only three people have asked for the change and two of them wish they hadn’t been retreated as the monovision was better.

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