Shooter’s Glasses

Attention Handgun and Shotgun Shooters:

Many individuals are learning to shoot handguns. But many are having a difficult time seeing the sight picture on our handguns. No matter how we try, that front sight will just not get clear!  At St. Louis EyeCare in Waterford, we can help make your sights clearer than they have been in years, if you have normal vision.

As a handgun shooter, admittedly not very good but a shooter just the same, he experienced vision issues just as many other shooters experience.

Improve your handgun shooting experience:

During the last appointment of the day, you will be asked to bring your handgun, safely in its case.handgun

During a full eye exam, your sight while shooting will be the focus. If you have recently seen your own eye doctor Dr. St. Louis may be able to abbreviate the exam, but will create a new prescription for you, regardless.

At the end of the exam, we will use a silhouette target, similar to the one used at the Oakland County Sportsman’s Club, at measured 25 and 50 foot distances to further determine your individual vision needs.

Next, you will use a trial shooting prescription as determined in the exam room.  Using your gun at that time, and sighting the target through the trial prescription made for you at the 25 and 50 foot distances, the prescription will be refined to best meet your needs.

Virtually every handgun shooter we fit this way tells us “I haven’t seen my sights this clearly in 20 years!”  We might even be able to improve your shooting!  The only downside to it is no more excuses.decot

After determining your prescription for shooting, your order for the glasses will be processed.  St. Louis EyeCare dispenses Decot shooting glasses, both the Hywide and the Revel frame shapes, which you can try on in the office. See what they offer at along with the pricing, which is the same at St. Louis EyeCare, Waterford.  Or you can use a frame you already have.

For Shotgun Sports

As with handgun shooters, an eye examination is performed, even if you had an eye exam the week before your appointment, to recheck your prescription. shotgun

The prescription requirements are different for shotgun versus a handgun shooter.  Primarily, your field of vision through the lenses is our focus.  As most shotgun sport shooters drop their chin when sighting down the barrel, we have to be sure that you are still looking through the lenses when sighting, not over them.

This is when the Decot shooting glasses come in handy.  Those of you not familiar with Decot, it is a large lens frame that sits high on the bridge of your nose, so that when you are sighting down the barrel of your shotgun you are looking through a large lens area.  Visit, to view the frames or try them on in my office.

Be sure to schedule your appointment at the end of my day, safely bring your shotgun, which we will use while you sight down the barrel.  Let’s see which frame and lens fits you best